Inventive Design

Inventive Design is a small design company in Helsinki, Finland founded by Lasse Larvanko.

We try to make clear, accessible, usable and findable web sites. We do not always succeed, but we do our best.

We make better web sites better

  • We design web sites
  • We analyze and improve user experience (accessibility, usability)
  • We make web sites to be found in search engines (SEO)

We believe in our craft and use agile, iterative design process and use web standards in responsible way.


If you would like to work with us, call Lasse +358 50 369 8023 or e-mail him lasse.larvanko@inventive.fi. Lasse Larvanko

Lasse Larvanko

Lasse Larvanko

Lasse Larvanko is a web standards expert and designer who truly believe that web sites should be built in responsible way.

When not talking with clients or designing great user experiences, Lasse spends quality time with his wife and sons or plays poker.

To read more about Lasse, check his old and mostly abandoned website www.lasselarvanko.com.

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