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We started investing on our portfolio companies based on merits of the companies and what we knew beforehand. There was no great masterplan for marketplaces and platforms, but almost all of our investments are platforms and/or marketplaces.

We are willing to invest in any company that we believe in. allows you do what you love – and get paid for it. As a light entrepreneur you don’t have to worry about paperwork or bureaucracy like you would with a trade name or a company of your own. As an umbrella company we take care of that.

The ultimate property management and vacation rental solution.

Airbnb for boats.

Venuu is a rapidly growing booking service for event venues.

Video based online course about depression – for those affected by depression and their family.

Cheap and automated service for finding tenants for you. 

Friendship over generations. Help for the elderly and their families as well as meaningful jobs for students.